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Boxing Clever on Llandudno Pier

December 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Venue - Llandudno Pier
Tide - Low to High
Time - Night
Bait: Frozen Lug, Frozen Squid, Frozen Mackerel, Frozen Sandeel

Wii all put down our presents for a few hours and headed to Llandudno Pier for a welcome few hours fishing on Boxing Day night.

Del The Tope setup his 2 rods on the landing stage, Spaceman was in his usual spot landside of the cafe.
Simon was this side of the Bar whilst myself, The Maestro, Notbad and Clueless too fished between huts 2 and 3.

A variety of tactics were used. Del was playing his usual waiting game with the big hooks. I had one of Simons special little wishbone rogs on one rod and a 4/0 pennel on the other.
Small hooks seemed to be the popular choice though.

Over low, most of the action was coming from the end with both Simon and Spaceman both into Whiting from the off. Del’s bigger baits were interesting the crabs but not much else.

As the flood progressed, we started to see some fish by the huts.

I was off the mark with a couple of Rockling.

Next to me, The Maestro had taken a few small Whiting and a small Rockling. His next fish however was to prove a first.

A Rockling? 3-Bearded? Shore?
Surely is wasn’t an elusive Burbot?? :)

We all decided it was a Shore Rockling, but we are not experts. Either way, a fantastic looking fish and it made for an interesting break from the smaller stuff.

In tonights Hot Spot was Spaceman.

Into fish from the off and he was breaking into a sweat with both rods constantly rattling.
Mainly Whiting…….

With a few Dabs taking Frozen Lug.

Mehmet had the only Codling of the night. Small, but a Codling nonetheless :)

I had been pretty quiet with a few more Rockling and a couple of Whiting.
Approaching high water, I had a call on my mobile from Mark who was fishing with Del on the landing stage. Apparantly, Del had been into a fish for a good while and it was still on!

With not much doing on my rods, I headed down the bottom to see the drama unfold.

I arrived to see Del leaning into a good rod bend. The fish was still hooked and had gone to ground. The line was wrapped around some snag. Possibly a pier leg. It was still giving and taking line, but it wasn’t coming up.

Del’s 80lb mono was holding him in there until………………………..

Ron Thompson is definately off Del’s Christmas card list for next year!!!!!!!!!!

Del did handline the rig back in. He was gaining line and eventually, a hook snapped and he was left to pull in a single hook with a battered Mackerel head.

I was gutted for Del !
The drama was, unfortunately the highlight of the night. Although I’m sure it didn’t seem like it at the time.

I returned to my station and had a few more Whiting before calling it a day.

A very pleasant way to spend a Boxing Day evening. As always, the beauty and splendour of Llandudno Pier at night didn’t disappoint.
A fantastic and magical place to fish!

To hire Llandudno Pier for a night session costs £20 for upto 12 anglers.
For further details, please contact Sarah in the Pier Tackle Shop (01492 877678 or 07786076680)

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  • 1 Spaceman // Dec 28, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Thanks for the invite Mike, i had a cracking night and look forward to the next one if your up for it.It was also nice to meet up with the Maestro and Clueless two.

    Once again many thanks, a top venue and top people.


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