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Back To The Future!!!!!!!!

December 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

Occasion - Rhyl Specimen Group Reunion
Venue - Bangor Pier
Tide - Low to High
Time - Night
Date - 29th November 2008
Bait - Lug, rag, sandeel, mackerel, whiting and squid
Report - Tony Lever

“Rhyl Specimen Group 2008” and what a load of specimens we are, old gits in silly hats comes to mind.

Tony, Robin, Barry, Andy, Allen, Gordon, Brian, Phil and Paul.

When we arrived at the pier, it appeared that someone had pulled the plug out of the Menai Straits; there was a distinct lack of water. Still we all set up and cast in, within 5 minutes we were into fish. rockling, whiting, and doggies. From then on it was non stop action right through. There were reports of coalies and plaice being caught off the pier, but we didn’t see either, I think if we could have got past the whiting and doggies we might have had a chance.
At the moment the whole coast must be alive with whiting. We used big baits, small baits and I’m sure even artificial baits would have caught.

Barry set up a whiting as live bait and fished close to the pier. He had couple of decent knocks but nothing hooked. He persevered all night but no luck; on the other hand his other rod was non stop doggies and whiting. It was the same for all of us right through the session to the point were we lost count of the number of fish we had. It was bait up, cast out, reel in remove fish, replace bait, cast out, reel in, remove …… etc, etc, etc.

We estimated that between us all, we caught in excess of 200 fish.
2/3rds of the whiting were of decent size

As a night fishing venue the pier is quite good, £36.00 for the whole pier, up to 36 anglers, or £12.00 for 12 anglers, but up to three parties allowed at any one time. You can fish anywhere you want, and as long as you want. The pier is well lit, but you a can take pressure lamps, excellent for keeping your hands warm. They even keep the toilets open for you (which is good news when you get to a certain age). Also there’s a trolley available big enough to take loads of tackle.

With Christmas looming and family commitments it will probably be into New Year before we all get out together again, not like the old days, when we would have thought nothing of fishing Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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