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Having spent many happy hours as a child fishing various venues in Rhyl, usually without any success, I decided to have a go again.

In June 2005, at the ripe old age of 36, I was invited by Sinbad to accompany him to the low tide mark, beyond The Perch, on the Kimnel Bay side of the river mouth. We both blanked in style, but the seed was planted. I loved the experiance and my mind was made up.

Sea Fishing was once again for me!!!!!

Part of what follows is a chronicle of my attempts to actually catch a fish from Rhyl Beach from that day to the present.

The rest of it may evolve over the coming years.(it is August 2006 at the time of writing)

Update - 24/11/2007
Well it’s 2 and a half years since I re-discovered the delights of standing on a deserted beach trying to catch a fish.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours fishing with even more time taken preparing for the outings and endless discussions recounting stories and experiences as they happen.

It’s a fine line balancing family life, work and fishing. I feel as if I have managed to divide my attention in a way that all aspects can be compatable.

There have been some incredibly memorable outings along the way. I have memories that will stay with me forever.

Alongside the ‘memorable’ trips, there have been many occasions where the fishing was slow. These sessions have also been immensely enjoyable.

Being stood on a wet and windy beach, with not a single other person insight is one of the most invigorating things you can experience. It makes you feel alive!

Rhyl only exists because of the beauty of the shoreline. A fact that had escaped me prior to picking up the rods again.

In all, it has been an incredible couple of years that I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

Happy Days Indeed!!!!!!!

Update - 18/07/2008
Another year has flown by. Fishing sessions continue to take a significant chunk of my spare time.
I’d had lots of great sessions over the year.
Never usually travelling far, although I have fished a couple of venues on Anglesey as well as a few occasions in Llandudno. Most of the time though i have been fishing locally. From Towyn to Prestatyn including many hours in Kinmel Bay and a good chunk at Splash Point.

There have been many sessions without so much as a bite, but there have also been some fantastic occasions that have resulted in some great fishing and some real surprises.

The Rhyl Charter trips continue to be great fun. In addition, a trip or two during the Winter months to fish the Mersey seems a regular occurance these days.
We had a great trip out of Amlwych last summer. Again it’s on the to-do list for the coming year.

The arrival of the ex-Battery Hens has made for an interesting year or so. It’s been fantastic seeing their progress. The improvements in their quality of life have been staggering and their general appearance has gone from deshevelled to positively spoilt!

The fences have been erected around the allotment. Keeping out the chooks has been number one priority.
I have had mixed results with the vegetables. From fantastc crops of Leeks and Onions to the dismal failure of the Peppers, Tomatoes, Carrots….. I could go on!

I’ll continue trying and hopefully the knowledge gained in the first couple of years will put me in a better position for the future.

Update - 26/08/2009
Surely it hasn’t been a year since my last entry??

The original plan back in 2005 was to get out into the fresh air and re-discover both the art of fishing and indeed, myself.
What started as a predominantly solitary experience, has now developed into quite a sociable activity.

I’m still putting in the hours down on the beach, with an increase in time spent afloat.

With fish being an intermittant interuption from the shore, the abbundance whilst boat fishing has proven appealing.

I currently have a dream of owning my own boat and have commenced training aiming for a commercial endorsement.

Who knows where this will take me!

With most of my fishing time still taken up on local beaches, it still offers me what I want.
Time to ponder and an escape from it all.
I doubt I will ever grow tired of being stood on an empty beach with a rod in my hand with a facefull of sand and a gutfull of hope.

The passing of summer brings hope of catching a decent Codling from the beach. A feat that has eluded me to this day. Maybe this is the year?????

I have a feeling in my bones that 2010 is going to be interesting!!!!!

To be continued…………………


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  • 1 Rhod Lloyd // Aug 8, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    Hi there mike,this address will take you by surprise, I am originaly from Cilcain near Mold, and used to fish at Rhyl around 45 years ago, I did fish Kinmel once with little success.
    My favourite spot was in the river at low tide, just downstream from the bridge on the Rhyl side there was the remains of an old wooden boat in the mud, I float fished with the small mud ragworms for flounder, did well sometimes.
    In the 60s I fished a lot at Bangor, and as far as Newborough on Anglesey.
    Awesome fishing down here, good to see you like cats and gardening Rhod

  • 2 admin // Aug 8, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Hi Rhod,
    Great to hear from you.

    I guess the ‘old wooden boat’ would be the wreck of ‘The City of Ottawa’.
    It’s still there, but I reckon you would be knee deep in silt and mud if you tried to fish it over low these days.

    Interesting to hear you float fished for Flounder. I’ll have to give it a go.

    If you have any pictures of your fishing adventures from days gone by, let me know. It would be great to show the world how it used to be.

    I wish you well and thank you for getting in touch.
    Best Wishes,

  • 3 Martin // Aug 11, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Do you haev any further detail on the wooden boat , I have drove past many a time and wondered about it?
    Also I am interested in going seafishing on a charter boat , I am an absolute begginer , what do you recomend?



  • 4 admin // Aug 11, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    Hi Martin,
    If you do a google on The City of Ottawa wreck it should provide some information.
    I’m sure that there are far more knowledgable people than myself on this issue. Anyone??

    See the Links page on this site for information about local charter boats.
    You can’t go wrong with any of them.
    They all can provide rod and tackle hire for a small additional payment.
    Go for it!!!!!

  • 5 Monty Burns // Feb 15, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Hi lads, my mate sent me a link for your site and I’ve been checking out. I have to say I Really like it, although I am annoyed I never knew about it before now. I live in Llysfaen and have set up a fishing diary site of my own (its 3 weeks old,hahaha!!) and was well happy to find a site relevant to where I live. I would love to put a link for your site on mine, but not without your permission first. I have left my e-mail and a link for my new site, please let me know if putting a link up is ok. Cheers. Monty

  • 6 murphy // Aug 5, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    met a guy called wayne on pensarn on tuesday the 3rd of august he sold me a pkt of lug just dropping a line to say thanks i blanked that day but got a small bass the following day at high so nice one wayne might see you again up there soon

  • 7 fairziff // Aug 5, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Good to hear from you murphy.
    Well done on the Bass!!!

    Wayne is also known as Wormy.
    If you ever need any bait he can be contacted on….. 07780629492

    Take care!

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